What To Wear in India

At the time of planning a tour of India, many questions strike to the mind of the tourists, and one of the most regular questions is the dress code of the country. India is a diverse nation with diverse style of clothing which is very much decided according to the climate of that place. The best of this country is to have all sorts of climates for instance summer, winter, rainy, and autumn. The season in which someone wants to visit this country is needed to be considered as well. This post will give you good insight about Indian style of clothing.

How to Choose Dress for Different Regions

India is a highly diverse nation with various dressing styles which varies from region to region. Also take note of it that India is a conservative country so how to dress up really matters here. More often than not, when you plan a trip to India, it would be good if you dress up more like an Indian. Go for clothes which are comfy and show respect to Indian style of clothing. If you begin your trip with Mumbai, you can put in whatever you feel comfortable, since Mumbai is a metropolitan city with western culture embedded in its roots so you will not find any sort of difficulty to adjust yourself out there. Thus, you will not have a sense of being out of place. But as your trip starts moving from metros to small cities and rural areas, wear comfy clothes which must not offend locals, also it is good not to gather unwanted attention by wearing something which makes you feel out of place.

Pack Your Bags in Concord with the Weather

India has an overall tropical monsoon-type climate with three main seasons- summer, rainy, and winter. It is a vast country, with a different type of climate in different regions. Before packing your bag for the India trip, you must check the weather forecast status of the part which you are planning to visit. The weather forecast will help you putting your belonging into your bags. If you are visiting India in the summer season, you must pack light and cotton clothes, a hat, scarf, walking shoes, a moisturizer, and a pair of shades since its scathing hot in central and west India, while in south India temperature remains moderate but it is extremely humid due to coastal effect and in north and northeast it is neither too hot nor too cold.

What To Wear in India

In case you are planning to visit central, north, and north-eastern India in winter, pack good woolen clothes like pullovers, sweaters, leather jackets and everything that can protect against freezing cold while due to the presence of sea and ocean, not much temperature difference is noticed in south India. For the rainy season, do not do any special effort, you can buy a raincoat or something in India itself if you will need it.

In Concord with Culture

India is a land of festivals, whether they are musical, art & craft, seasonal, musical, food-related, carnival, religious, and matrimonial. If you plan a trip to India, you must attend at least one such occasion. Whether you are invited or inclined to attend, you should go for selecting modest outfits that respect Indian sense of dressing, like kurta-pajamas for men and salwar suits or kurti (long tunic) paired with leggings for girls and women that will you feel like you are one of them. In view of indulging in culture, men can opt for Dhotis (a long piece of unstitched clothes that is wrapped around legs) and women can opt for Saree, the style of draping Saree varies from states to states.  If you want to engross in Indian attire, you can buy the below-given things at a local shop with ease.

  • Bangles and earrings (traditional bangles and dangling)
  • Kurtas for men and Kurtis for women.
  • Dupatta similar to scarf.
  • Kolhapuri Chappals (slippers)
  • Pajamas are similar to loose-fitting pants.

In order to absorb the culture of India, one has to make a few more trips to India, during one trip, it is not possible. While living among locals, you will be able to collect wonderful memory; therefore, you will not forget to bring your camera. India is a great place to experience the culture, traditions, festivals, and many more.

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What To Wear In India During Your Trip Detailed Guide