36 atolls and coral reefs are found in the Laccadive Sea, Lakshadweep is located off the coast of Kerala.  Make sure that all the islands are not inhabited by human being, and only a few of them are open for the visitors. Kavarati is a capital of this union territory and known for its natural beauty and stunning surrounding, boasts beautiful mosques. It has been a great place to visit which can mesmerize them. If you wish to explore awe-inspiring islands of Lakshadweep, the most visited sightseeing has been gathered in this post.

Bangaram Island

Located in the union territory of Lakshadweep, Bangaram Island is stunning tiny island which encompasses an area of 1.234 square KM is known as atoll along with a beautiful lagoon. It has one of the most popular islands among those people who want to get rid of the fast paced world. The serenity of this place is mesmerizing that can leave you enthralled. This island was inaugurated by government of India in 1974 and is promoting it to be one of the most prominent islands in Lakshadweep. It is inhabited by less number of people which provides a sense of Private Island. The sparking beach can be a good treat to your eyes. The serenity and calmness inspires tourists to put it into your bucket list.

Kavaratti Islands


Kavaratti Island is a group of 12 atolls which spread across the capital and is also known as a gem of Lakshadweep. It comprises so many spectacular things to visit, including stunning white-sand beaches, tranquil nature, three coral reefs, five submerged banks, and many more. It has wonderful ambience which is surrounded by coconut trees, good marine life, incredible sceneries, and captivating water sports. It is nearly 360 KM away from the shores of Kochi city. The nearest airport is Agatti. It has everything to offer its visitors.

Kadmat Island

Located in the Lakshadweep, Kadmat which is sprawling an area of 9.3 km in length and is a part of Amindivi subgroup of islands, moreover, it boasts many wonderful places to visit, such as vibrant coral reefs, azure blue waters, stunning blue lagoons, silvery white beaches, amazing beaches, and many astonishing attractions to explore. Kadmat Island gets its name from the name of the village Kadmat which is only inhabited and is infested with marine turtles. A good number of activities are held which attracts thousands of tourists every year. Famous activities which can be experienced by tourists are paragliding, scuba diving, kayaking, snorkeling, etc. apart from it, you can sit on its beaches and absorbs in its resplendent beauty. The beauty of this place cannot be given a miss by you.

The Lighthouse


The development of lighthouse came into existence in 1885 in the Minicoy Island which is one of the most prominent lighthouses in Lakshadweep. The height of this tower is nearly 300 feet while being it, one can get mesmerizing view. Make sure that inbound tourists are not permitted to visit this place.

Andretti Island

Andretti Island is situated in the Lakshadweep and is also known as Andrott Island. It is nestled near the mainland of India. Despite having human settlement, it has preserved its natural and serene beauty. To spend a few days in the lap of its surroundings provides unforgettable experience to it visitors. While being in the evening to see the sparking ebbs of see offering an opportunity to merge with nature. If you are fortunate enough, you will see a few of the water animals, like octopuses.

Kalpeni Island

Kalpeni is a group of Islands and its main three islands are Pitti, Tillakkam, and Cheriyam which have been turned out to be spectacular tourist destinations. The good thing about these Islands is that they are inhabited, therefore, are frequently visited by tourists. It has many things to see, like beautiful lagoon, coral life, natural and serene ambience. If you wish to experience a few of the water activity which is held here, like snorkeling, canoeing, sailing yachts, kayaking, reef walking, scuba diving, and many more. That is why; it has become a must-see place in Lakshadweep.

Thinnakara Island


Thinnakara Island is located in the Lakshadweep which can be reached within 40-minute by boat ride from Agatti. It has been a well-known tourist destination among tourists due to its natural and water activity. The tranquility which can be felt by tourists is an Amazing and seems to be a private island. It has been a perfect place for solo and family travelers because it boasts wonderful lagoons and flawless coast. If you plan to visit Lakshadweep, you should give it a miss. 

Pitti Bird Sanctuary

While being on Kalpeni Island, one can visit Pitti Bird Sanctuary by boat ride. It is one of the most isolated islands which is surrounded by natural beauty has a good number of birds that can be a good treat to your sore eyes.  This island is known for snorkeling because it has clear water.  In the evening, you can have long walk on its beach that offers a great opportunity to spend time from the chaotic urban life.

Kiltan Island

Most of the tourists come here from the seaport of Mangalore which is widely known for its colonial prominence. The best thing about this place is that it is located between Persian Gulf and Ceylon trade route. It is around 52 km from the main Island of Amini.  It is home to many awe-inspiring reefs and lagoons which provides mesmerizing view for the tourists. 

Marine Museum

Maine Museum exhibits marine life as well as artifacts which can be found in it, so that one can get to know about hardships of marine life.  The main purpose of having this museum is to display the various species of fish which are available in Lakshadweep. The shark skeleton which is kept here is one of the most recognized installations. In order to learn some hidden facts, you must add it to your tour plan.

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