Common Problems

Tourism, one of the most important components of economy of any country, with that millions of people make a living. In order to enhance tourism, all the countries are leaving no stone unturned to increase influx of the tourism. In order to attract tourism, Indian Government entice tourists in several ways and organize webinar, seminar, and launch several types of courses at university to keep pace with contemporary time.  With the help of tourism, foreign revenue can gain momentum and can be epicenter of economy with ease.  It offers wonderful job opportunities to the young generation to make their fortune by doing language courses, hotel management courses aviation and so on.

In other words, country gets flooded with job opportunities for both kinds of people weather skilled or unskilled make both ends meet with it. In order to create employment for unskilled there are many offbeat tourism spots have been developed recently in some states of India.  All the states are coming up with their unique planning for enthusiastic tourists to offer insight into the state.  One of the most talked about developed tourism spot is “Choki Dhani" in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Thousands of unskilled people are making their fortune over there. It is really a matter of great pride of their state. Tourists weather they are inbound or domestic give their breathtaking feedback.

Overview of the influx of the tourism

When tourism is promoted, it come with both virtue and vice. Some time we are fascinated towards their culture, and vice versa. It is a golden opportunity for us to spread our culture and traditions of Agra in front of the overseas tourism. With the help of this platform, we can present our country from Indus valley civilization to contemporary era.

Common Problems Faced by Tourists in Agra

Nuisance face by tourists in the land of incredible! India

In above paragraph, only goody-goody things were high-lighted, now turn for dark side of the tourism. If inflow of tourists gains momentum, they meet with many following unpleasant things.

  1. The first impression is the last impression, at the airport, lethargic authorities are deployed over there, due to their laziness, to avail Visa on arrival becomes so tiresome and tough, and they have to wait in line for many hours.  On the other hand, in their country to avail Visa in no time. No justification with our ancient slogan regarding guests “Atithi Devo Bhav".
  2. If tourists come via agent or travel company, they are received and garlanded by their representatives at their airport. Otherwise, it becomes herculean task for them to avoid being duped at the first step of India.
  3. As they check in hotel, they are escorted to their room by the witty male or female staff; they have expertise to get money from tourists.
  4. Next day, after having break-fast, tourists get help from concierge in hotel; this is one of the blunders, which is done by tourists. At the concierge, highly skilled people are all set with their keen eyes to sell their services at the sky touching price with so many lucrative packages. Tourists are swindled by them in a very generous way without letting them know.
  5. Now tailor-made itinerary is handed over to them. Now, expert chauffeur gives his company to them, during the journey, he creates a bond with them by way of giving his services in highly dignified way. After that tourists will follow him blindly and he will use them to earn many in the best possible way
  6. When they do the sight-seeing in the company of guides, tour manager, and escorts, after the sight-seeing, they visit cottage industries, handcraft stores, jam palace and are known with various names. It is all fixed in advance. As they enter, they are welcome with open arms and are offered whisky, wine, cold-drinks, tea, and coffee. Under influence of these things, there is no virtual wall between salesman and tourists, they keep discussing and buying stuff at expensive price.
  7. In overall, there is a nexus among concierge, chauffeurs, Guides at destinations, shop keepers, travel agents and F. T.O. (foreign tour operator) and the list goes on.

Inside out of the tourism which is explained in this article, is an authentic content.  All these unpleasant things are components of tourism industry This is a story of all these countries like Italy, Greek, Spain, Turkey, U.K., all the countries of Africa continent, you cannot walk with expensive mobile and bearing jewels, you may be attacked or abducted by gang in South Africa. But India is much safer place in comparison to other countries.

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Common Problems Faced by Tourists in Agra Everyday