When Should You Visit Agra

Agra, the city which celebrates the startling and awe-inspiring beauty of three world heritage sites and one wonder of world along with other lesser-known yet formidable pieces of architecture. Agra figures very prominently in the history of great Mughal Empire and the city is highly indebted to this empire for its world-wide recognition.

The city is situated on the banks of the holy river Yamuna which originates from the Yamunotri glacier.As the most-visited city on the tourism map of India, time to visit Agra City becomes one of the most famous keywords in numerous search engines. Before making up their mind to visit incredible India, tourists make their search about the Best Time To Visit Agra to find the right climate and weather.

Summer ( April to July )

Agra is a part of a sub-tropical belt which is located on the edge of Indo-Ganges plains. The summer of this city lasts very long (April to July). During summer, city becomes very hot with temperature reaching up to 46 degree Celsius (114.8 F). Loo, the name of the local wind which blows during the summer afternoon worsens the situation. It becomes really tough for non-natives to survive in such a harsh weather.

However, if you visit plan to Agra in the months of summer, the price of itinerary would be reduced nearly half of the trip, the room tariff gets plummeted down to the lowest level, and if you don’t want to mingle with crowd, summer is the right time to be in this city. You are advised to bring suns cream, use light clothes and drink liquid as much as possible.

When Should You Visit Agra and Why

Monsoon ( July to September )

The monsoon of this city is not as heavy as in other parts of India. This is true it lasts around three months. During this period, the temperature of this city remains between 25 degrees to 35 degrees, it becomes humid and in the night, the temperatures lower down. Most of the tourists love to visit this city during the monsoon season; it is an amazing time to visit this monument when it rains.

Winter ( October to March )

Taj Mahal attracts millions of inbound tourists during the winters, the ideal reason for captivating tourists especially this time of year is the temperature that is always below 25 degrees. In winters, Agra city gets brimmed with tourists, and all the hotels, inns, restaurants and bazaar, everywhere tourists can be seen.

Taj Mahotsav adds new jewel to its crown in the form of art and handcraft carnival, this fair lasts for 10 days in the month of February. Artisans, musicians, folk dancers and others with exclusive art forms throng to this fair from all the corners of India to sell their pieces of stuff. This has been an excellent platform to earn lively hood for them. Also festivals like Deepawali, Holi falls during winter season which adds excitement and joy in the air.

The best time to visit Agra has become one of the important questions among the tourists before designing the tour-plan. With the help of this article, the problem regarding the best time to visit Agra has been solved.

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