Black Taj Mahal

Being one of the most iconic and photographed buildings in the world, Taj Mahal is situated at Agra, Uttar Pradesh, in India built by 5th Mughal ruler Shah Jahan in the honor of his beloved Mumtaj. Therefore Mumtaj Mahal is a nickname of the Taj Mahal as well. The fame of the monument has been spread across the world which attracts millions of the tourists. Oodles of the story have been linked with it, such as is it a symbol of love?, did British try to dismantle it? What is the mystery of the black Taj Mahal?, did allied forces try to demolish it during the second world war?, and so on. This post concerns with emerging history of the black Taj Mahal that seems to be a puzzle among the people.

The Origin of The Mystery

Many historians do not seem to have unanimous view with regard to the mystery of the black Taj Mahal. The first time the history of black Taj Mahal originated by Jean-Bapitiste who was the French traveller and gem merchant, visited Agra in 17th century, moreover, visited India  six times between 1630 and 1668, found the black stone on the opposite side of the river Yamuna in the Mehatabh Bagh. During his travel, he wrote his experiences in India and named his travelogue “Les Six Voyages De Jean Baptiste Tavernier” which provides information about the black Taj Mahal. In this book, he explained the construction work of black Taj Mahal was started before the finishing the construction of Taj Mahal in Agra, but the ruler could not complete it due to his craziness to get crown from his father, his son Aurangzeb was bent on getting crown by all means which is why he arrested his father, as well as his well-wishers in Agra Fort till death. 

Why Was Shah Jahan Unable to Complete it?

The brutal act which was performed by his son in order to get crown is found in many history books. Due to the desire of getting crown, the internecine broke out between Aurangzeb and his siblings. He not only imprisoned his father but also killed his brothers as well, this shows how ambitious he was to become the ruler of India. Emperor Shah Jahan understood his intention if he becomes the ruler of this kingdom, the declination of this kingdom is not far away. His premonition was correct, his son died in 1707, and after 32 years, his descendents was plundered by Nadir Shah, who took most of his wealth that turned out to be big blow for this dynasty, after that most of his subsidiary alliance declared as independent rulers. Thus, India was disintegrated completely. 

What Do Other Historians Say?

A few of the historians and architects negate this fact, and they have declared as unauthentic news which is spread by a word of mouth, and people hyped it without any reason. During the excavation, no facts have been discovered with regard to black Taj Mahal which has been done recently. The Emerging history of the black Taj Mahal has been created by French merchant De Jean Baptiste Tavernier and explained in his book, while no content has been discovered in archeology websites and books. In a conclusion, emperor had no plan to build one more Taj Mahal.

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Emerging History of The Black Taj Mahal Being Built