Agra Cycle Tour

Agra Cycle tour has been a wonderful tourism product which is being sold like a hot cake among tourists. The duration of the cycling tours lasts for around 3 to 4 hours, during this time, around 10 km is covered. The city tour covers most of the attractions which are situated in the down-town of the city, and some of the attractions are situated on the outskirts of the city. Such kind of experience can be enjoyed if you are ready to leave the comfort behind, it means you will have to come out of your air-conditioned car. While riding a bicycle with the trip leader who will take you through narrow lanes of Agra city, and there you can find the aroma of food. People are warm welcoming and good natured.

Agra Cycle Tour Highlights

  • You will be able to visit the hustle and bustle of this city during working hours.
  • You will have an amazing experience to see milking the animals.
  • Only Cycle tour can offer you the great insight of this city.
  • It gives you an ample time to feel the pulse of the people of the city.
  • Cycle tour takes you at school where you can find children having mid-day food at elementary school.

Usually, Agra Cycle tour starts from your suggested hotels and offers you a wonderful chance to observe India’s rich heritage from a step closer. Our experienced trip leader will explain the itinerary in detail about the map of the sightseeing during the tour, safety points, and so on and how to use the safety kits which is given to you along with your cycle. During the sightseeing, you will find many tea-kiosks, fruit-venders, milkman, and tea vendors, and so on. You can enjoy whatever you want. 

Agra Cycle Tour

During your Agra Cycle tour, you will experience so many things. One of the most talked about things is the primary school, and there you will find students who are below 12 years having midday meal, that is provided by the government of India under the program of the “National Program of Nutritional Support to Primary Education (NP-NSPE)”.  The next important attraction of this sightseeing is vegetable markets and there you will find women buying vegetables for their homes. Now, last but not the least, you can visit the local bazaar which is in vibrant color and charming, the bazaar is still very traditional, the mode of business in that bazaar has not been changed so far. When Agra Cycle tour is going to be over, now your trip leader will take you to the hotel.  

Most of the tourist come to Agra just to see The Taj Mahal but Agra Cycle tour offers an opportunity to be aware of the great insight of this city in just a couple of hours. Unless the cycle tour is done, it is not possible to get such an experience up to that extent. So if you are physically fit, you must enjoy this great city on your cycle.

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Agra Cycle Tour To Discover And Feel The Pulse of City
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