Taj Mahal Security

Taj Mahal draws millions of the inbound or domestic tourists annually due to its magnetizing architecture; it has been in the bucket list of the tourists. More often than not, it has been noticed tourists get lost at a first glance and they forget what to do or what not to do in the premises or in the vicinity of this monument. Therefore, this post is going to provide you complete information about prohibited activities which should be not executed in any circumstances if it is done, it will be treated as an offence according to the guidelines provided by Archeological Survey of India. The violators will have to face punishment. The list of the banned activities is mentioned below. 

Flying Drones

At the radius of 500 meters, drone is not allowed to fly due to security threats. As we know, drones are enabled with sophisticated technology that can help wrong doers to damage this monument. Therefore, a lot of visuals have been put in or out of this monument to make public aware. Recently, a group of Russian tourists have been taken into custody while flying a drone in non-flying zone. After receiving handwritten apology from them, they were pardoned by higher authority.

Taj Mahal Drone Flying

Not only Taj Mahal but also other monuments cover certain area as known non flying zone like Mehtab Bagh, Agra Fort and Mausoleum. Administration must spread this message among locals and can also get the help of websites or social media to make foreign tourists aware. The next step tourist police must take to have meeting with hoteliers, owners of lodges and inns. Therefore, they must be informed about this law to give security to the monument. 

Boating In Yamuna River

Boating in Yamuna is strictly prohibited behind the Taj Mahal Agra. If you find someone boating in Yamuna is illegal or considered as a offence, it will cause you trouble. Without giving it a second thought, you are advised not to be enticed towards this activity.

Using Satellite Phone

Using satellite phone is not allowed in the premises of the monument; even you cannot carry satellite phone in the monument which is known as an illegal activity. 

Making Documentary

Yes, it is possible to make documentary inside the Taj Mahal if complete documentation is done or have permission from archeological survey of India office. Otherwise, it is not possible to make documentary inside this monument for the travelers or commercial purpose as well. 

This is one of the major issues in terms of safety of this monument. All the steps should be taken by the authority to provide invincible security to this monument. If someone is not updated with the prohibited activities, they must go through this post that will help them a lot.

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Prohibited Activities In The Vicinity Of Taj Mahal Agra