Marble Souvenirs in Agra

Agra is known as a traditional Mughal city since it has been the Mughal capital for many dynasties. This city is home to some very prominent Mughal monuments like Taj Mahal, Agra Fort, and Baby Taj and many more. Taj Mahal and Baby Taj are two marble wonders of Mughal architecture. The white marble used in the construction of these two iconic marvels was transported miles away from Kishangarh and Makarana, which are part of Rajasthan state today. On seeing inlaid or carving work on these monuments, tourists become speechless and get curious to know about the art of Pietra dura that is still flourishing in the street of Agra and maintained by the decedents of those whose forefathers toiled in Taj Mahal. In order to keep this art alive, they make souvenirs with white marble and later on sent them to prominent shops of the city to sell. There are many renowned marble shops that deal in marble stuff.

Where to Buy Marble Souvenirs in Agra?

Agra is a hub for making souvenirs of white marble. After seeing the Taj Mahal Agra, tourists get inspiration to see the stuff of white marble. During the demonstration of white marble, they have explained this art in detail and the intricacy of this art is worth appreciating. 

Kalakirti Shopping Center

It is one of the most prominent shopping places in Agra city which is around one and a half kilometer from the gate of Taj Mahal. The documentary which is played for the tourists is an excellent thing that gives an idea of making a Taj Mahal in a few minutes. On visiting this place, tourists will get an idea of what can be made of white marble and many doubts are cleared. Before visiting this place, tourists have blank mind no information about the stuff of white marble when they entered this place and see the intricacy and the filigree on products which is mind-blowing thus they realized the importance of this art. Kalakirti is well known for doing export business in reference to white marble.

Subhash Emporium

This shop is one of the oldest shops in Agra city. It has earned its name globally. Its clients come from all corners of the world. The quality of the stuff is stunning and far better than other shops in Agra city. The export business is also done from here. In order to get more information regarding this shop, you can go through the reviews which are available on many websites.

Marble Art Palace

Agra has oodles of marble shops which are second to none in terms of quality of marble products. Marble art palace is one of them which are known for selling this stuff and is around one-kilometer from the west gate of Taj Mahal. If you happen to be there, you will find thousands of kinds of stuff while marble.

Agra White Marble

This shop is well-known for selling quality of pieces of marble and it has much stuff to sell like coasters, tables (coffee table, side table, dining table, round table and more), and a miniature of Taj Mahal, pastry board, decorative plate, bowel, flower pots, wall panels, wall tiles, trays, aroma lamps, jewelry boxes elephants and many more figures. All these things can be found at a reasonable price.

Apart from these shops, there are many shops which can be found on Fatehabad road like Akbar International, Unique Art and Handicraft Place, Up Handicraft, Up Handloom and so on. In a nutshell, this post is dedicated to those tourists who want to visit marble shops in Agra. The above-given names of the shops are prominent in selling the stuff. So tourists can buy authentic stuff from there at a reasonable price.

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Prominent Marble Shops In Agra For Buying Souvenirs