Agra Book Fair

Recently, one of the renowned book fairs in North part of India was held for two days at the campus of Agra University. Usually, every year, this book fair is conducted in Agra, the city of one of the 7th wonders of the world; it means the city of Taj Mahal. This year, Agra Book Fair attracts a good number of footfalls from far and wide, in other words, this place turned out be a paradise among book lovers. The enthusiasm of book lovers was at zenith and was showing their keenness towards books despite living in this digital world. The organizers seemed to be very happy to see the positive response shown by book lovers.

Pros of Organizing Agra Book Fair

Agra Book Fair is a remarkable place to search the books which you want to buy and is not easy to find at the book stores. No need to move to and fro in search of finding your books. All sorts of books are available under one roof therefore; many book lovers wait for such kind of opportunity. A few of the key advantages are given below.

  • It works as a catalyst to inspire children to read book according to their interest and motivates them keep away from electronic things like kindle which is a product of Amazon. 
  • The key purpose of organizing book fair is to create interest towards the books which is going to be replaced by e-books in this scenario.
  • Due to excess using of technology, the calligraphy of kids has suffered badly, furthermore their spelling mistake become even worse. 
  • Agra Book Fair helps local community by providing fund to school projects and library events like many schools does not have enough budget to have a good collection of books or maintain a school library.
  • It gives an opportunity to the teacher to find good content for their students, therefore it offers them good discount.
Agra Book Fair

Cons of Agra Book Fair

  • Big blow for e-reading platforms.
  • Difficult to select the book which you like among the vast collection of books.

Why should we bring school children to a book fair?

Book fair can be nostalgia for children and gives an opportunity to spend time in the company of scholars and teachers. This place turns out to be a happy place for the kids to see thousands of books.

The Highlights

  • Inaugurated by I.G.( inspector general)of Agra range Mr. Satish Ganesh and delivered sparking motivational speech to the people gathered out-there.
  • Revenue earned around two millions.
  • One-stop solution for bibliophiles.
  • Dignitaries shared their ideas and views on wide spectrum of topics.

Bibliophiles with different areas of interest like literature enthusiasts, avid science readers etc. and of different ages thronged to the fair and made Agra Book Fair extremely successful. Crowd gathered provided it an aura of learning and filled the air around the venue with enthusiasm. Young readers get to know about less-popular authors who generally get overshadowed by prominent authors thereon it was a golden opportunity for underrated writers as well as publication houses.

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